My name is Max Francis. I’m a comedy magician, pickpocket,magician, and an all-round magic guy.


I have performed everywhere I can… UK, Europe, Isle of Wight, Oh, and the world’s smallest island somewhere in the Indian Ocean. The kind of island you wouldn’t know even existed, unless you were flown out there by Russian clients. Happy Days!

I am a Member Of The Magic Circle, which is the world’s most prestigious magic society. So that’s a pretty big deal. Also means I’m pretty good at what I do, they don’t let anyone in, you know what I mean?

 I perform on the cruise ships as a headline act………..that’s fun. I enjoy that.

When I’m not abroad I perform nationwide. Which basically means, if you ring me, pay me fee, I’ll come to you and show you my skills. Don’t get me wrong it’s worth it, you will have fun, I’m just running out of things to say here.

So there we have it. If you would like a little more information about me, pick up the phone and give me a call. It’s much easier.

Speak Soon

Max Francis ( the guy who just wrote this)