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Magician Nottingham

Close up Magic

Close up magic is one of the most popular choices for many events. Max is often hired to perform Close up magic and is very popular at weddings, corporate and private events. Close up magic offers an interactive experience for all guests. This form of entertainment is great for all events such as private events, champagne receptions, cocktail parties, and black tie events. Max will walk around, mix and mingle engaging close up magic with guests, from one group to the next. This can either be during a champagne reception or whilst people are sat down, offering table magic. 

The magic Max performs is visually stunning and entertaining. As well as performing with cards and coins as one might expect. Max is also seen using borrowed objects such as phones, keys and rings. People are always amazed when magic is perform with something the magician did not bring with them.

Max creates an incredible and lasting experience with his magic and offers an entertainment solution to use as an ice breaker,talking point and a memory your guest will never forget at your event. 


Parlour Magic is cabaret for a small number of guests and is similar to a Close-up Show but is performed “stand-up”. The performance is still intimate enough to allow spectators to feel involved and is more relaxed in style than a full blown  stage or cabaret performance. Usually performed in a small room with an audience of 15 – 30 people, parlour magic has the benefits of the grandiose theatrics of a stage performance but with the inclusive feel of close up magic.


Parlour Magic is an experience set in a private room with chairs set-up theatre style facing the magician. The magician enters and introduces himself to his audience. The magician will perform some of the most exclusive magic his audience will see. The parlour show invites an audience to witness something they will never again see (unless he's rebooked) without the use of the grand theatrics of a theatre stage. Once the performance is over people are invited to relax and enjoy the rest of their evening.



Max Francis performers his comedy & magic stage act on board cruise ships across the globe. His show is a combination of quick wit, eye popping illusion, slight of hand and magic. Max has entertained thousands with his stage show and offers you the oportunity to have this amazing show at your event. For details, contact Max Francis today  

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